Sunday, June 11, 2023

Last Night's Game

Manchester City's triumph at last night's Champions League final was long overdue.

I've lost count of the times I've thought 'this could be their year to win it'. Well, now they've won it.

The game itself was exactly as I envisioned when I wrote yesterday's post. I thought it would be highly defensive with it having one or two goals. City only needed the former.

I ended up breaking even with my wagers.

In one, I had £10 on Erling Haaland to either core or assist. That lost. In the other, I had Haaland to have at least one shot on target. The odds for that to occur had been super boosted from something like 1/9 to EVS. I had a tenner on that as well. 

I laid out £20 in total and the one win returned £20.

With the football season now officially over, that was my last bet. For now. The next football wagering I do will be later this summer when I take up the annual season handicap gambles.

Speaking of football seasons... less than thirteen weeks to go until the NFL 2023 season kicks off.

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