Thursday, May 25, 2023

Tina Turner

I cannot write about anyone, or anything, other than Tina Turner today.

News of the superstar singer's passing broke yesterday evening. The first thing I did was play my favourite song of hers.

We Don't Need Another Hero is that song. 

It's from the soundtrack to Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome which also starred Turner. Listening to that track takes me back to seeing the trailer for the film and wanting to see it. 

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome Soundtrack

Even though Bonnie Tyler originally performed it, Tina Turner's version of The Best is another one that brings me to another time. 

As I was a teenager of the 1990s, you'd probably guess that The Best reminds me of Chris Eubank boxing matches. I'd give you half a point because - if I had to argue that it doesn't - I'd be a liar.

With that said, The Best ALWAYS takes me back to the late-1980s. It was a time when my cousin's new boyfriend took my sister and I to the local arcades in the seaside village where my relatives were living at the time.

I recall playing Operation Thunderbolt with him. The sequel to Operation Wolf was an upgrade from its predecessor because the machine had two guns for players to play at the same time whereas the original only had one gun.

It was a cool night out and it ended with us walking back to the house. My cousin's boyfriend at the time was humming or singing that song to himself as we walked up the hill and I commented that I knew what he was singing. 

Six years or so later, I would end up waking up early each morning as he went out on his job as a lobster fisherman. I'd spend hours on that boat listening to Atlantic 252 on the radio. Many songs from the mid-1990s take me back and remind me of those early mornings at sea, but listening to The Best always takes me back to 1989, Operation Thunderbolt and dry land.

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