Friday, May 26, 2023

National Airplane Day 2023 (But It's Three Days Late, If You Ask Me!)

According to my Garbage Pail Kids 2023 Page-A-Day Calendar, today is National Paper Airplane Day.

Garbage Pail Kids 2023 - May 26

In my opinion, National Airplane Day should have been three days ago.

There's a reason why.

On May 23 2000, I saw the best paper airplane ever. It was thrown during the Wales versus Brazil friendly at what was then called the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

We were sitting behind one of the goals and saw the plane fly from the stand to our right. It flew half-way across the width of the field before landing.

A couple of days later, somebody wrote a letter to the local newspaper explaining how graceful its flight was.

In other news, most of the players on that Brazil team went on to win the World Cup two years later.

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