Friday, April 14, 2023

10/3 Favourites

I had a lucky day today.

It started with an email from Sky Bet with an offer. At first, I wasn't interested in betting up to £10 on a horse in the 2:55 from Aintree with the offer that - if my horse finished second, third or fourth - I would get a refund.

I closed the email, sat there for a bit then thought to myself 'what the hell? I'll bet on the favourite'.

By the time I reached the website to take up the offer, there were THREE 10/3 favourites to choose from.

The one which stood out to me was InThePocket because it is a term I associate with American football although it obviously means other things as well (snooker for example).

Anyway, I put the £10 on and then decided not to watch the race. 

I turned the TV on just in time to see the rundown of the places.

InThePocket won the race.

Not bad at all.

Let's see if this luck carries over to the big one tomorrow. 

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