Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Bushwhacker Butch

If you are a British fan of professional wrestling, and your first introduction to the World Wrestling Federation was via Sky in the late 1980s to mid-90s, you are bound to know of The Bushwhackers. 

The Bushwhackers

Kiwi wrestlers Luke and Butch, billed as cousins, were a babyface comedy act in the WWF during the period when the WWF was hot over here in Europe.

As I started to learn about the history of pro wrestling I was fascinated to learn that the duo worked less-comedic matches under the moniker of The Sheepherders for decades before coming to the cartoon world of the then WWF. 

The reason why I am writing about the tag team today is because Butch (Bob Miller) passed away yesterday after taking ill after travelling from New Zealand to Los Angeles for the festivities within the city for WrestleMania .

Bushwhacker Butch

My father loved The Bushwhackers back then. 

One of my favourite memories of sitting at home watching pro wrestling with my family was when The Bushwhackers marched - in their zany way - across the Sheffield Arena licking fans' heads as they made their way to an interview segment on the UK Rampage 1992 event. 

I turned to my dad and asked 'what would you do if they licked your head?' Without skipping a beat, he replied 'I'd grab them and lick them back!'.

We all cracked up.

That's the thing about The Bushwhacker act back then. They weren't in there to put on classic, and very bloody, matches like they did during their heyday. I know it's cliché, but their job was to put smiles on the fans' faces. The fact I can still recall that moment from April 19th 1992 is proof of that.

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