Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Book Depository Is Closing Down

For a time, the Book Depository was my favourite online bookstore.

I often found books I wanted at a slightly better price than on Amazon. Free delivery was an added bonus.

As well as finding titles at prices I was willing to pay, I also enjoyed opening up my parcels to find their complimentary bookmarks.

One such bookmark was surprisingly Jasper Fforde themed. At one time in my life, I enjoyed reading his books and have made a personal vow to read the books I haven't picked up one day. 

Back to the Book Depository, for now.

I recently found out that the business is closing down later this month. I'm very sorry to see it go because - and as stated above - it was one of the best online bookshops for many years. 

One other thing I'll miss is the map on the website's front page which allows us to see what is being bought and from which part of the world. I'd spend some time checking that out on many a visit. 

I found myself distracted by it as I was writing this post!

Book Depository Map

The business will take its last orders at 12PM BST on 26 April 2023. 

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