Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The End Of The Book Depository

In a few hours from now, the Book Depository website will stop taking orders and will begin its final phase.

Book Depository Website

As mentioned, when I first learnt of the bookselling website's impending closure, there was a time - many years ago - when this was my go-to website whenever I was on the hunt for a book.

It offered free delivery and, on top of that, the prices were often better than what I could find on other websites. Yes, that includes Amazon.

I suppose what moved me away from the Book Depository is the fact I now read mainly on my Amazon Kindle, so that locked me into Amazon.

That must make me one of the reasons why the online bookstore couldn't compete anymore. And it doesn't feel good.

I loved the Book Depository. I'll miss the Book Depository.

I'll always be reminded of it because I still have almost every bookmark they put inside my parcels. 

12:20PM Update

I have just visited the website. The front page has a message informing visitors that the business has closed up.

It reads: 

We are sorry to let you know that Book Depository has now closed.

We will continue to deliver orders placed before midday (12pm BST) on 26 April and will provide support for any order issues until 23 June 2023.

From all of us at Book Depository we want to say 'thank you'. Delivering your favourite reads to you since 2007 has been a pleasure

Book Depository Closed

Truly an end of an era. 

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