Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Tasting Another Trident Chewing Gum

Do you remember back in March, when I wrote about trying a stick of minty Trident chewing gum, I noted that I had an orange flavour to try?

Well, I was wrong.

I should have paid more attention when I opened the parcel my friend had sent me from the USA. The orange packet of Trident gum I have is not an 'orange' flavour alone.

Trident Tropical Twist Chewing Gum

It is Tropical Twist!

The fruity gum is nice. Upon my first few chews of it, it seems as though mango comes across as the most predominant flavour in this medley.

Mango is one of my favourite flavours, whether that be in sweets or drink form, so that makes this chewing gum a winner in my book.

Trident Tropical Twist Chewing Gum

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