Thursday, April 27, 2023

On The Clock

The opening round of the 2023 NFL Draft takes place today. 

If you know me, I am sure you'll be aware that there is only one pick I am intrigued to see made tonight.

As of the time of writing, and I doubt there will be any change to this (but stranger things could happen concerning the second and third overall selections), the Indianapolis Colts will make the fourth pick.

I don't think I've been as excited to see a draft since 2012 when Indianapolis - holding the first overall pick - chose Stanford University's Andrew Luck as its new quarterback.

The Luck era fell off a cliff in 2019 when the player quit the Colts on the eve of the new season. 

And the team has never been able to recover.

Until tonight.

Wait.. I think this needs a slight correction.

Until tonight?

I am excited to see which player is picked. I've read many mock drafts written by American football sportswriters to see what their opinions' are. Their articles are all over the place (in a good way!) because some have projected the second (Houston Texans) and/or third (Arizona Cardinals) picks to be traded away to teams that are in need of a quarterback. 

I personally don't think Houston is going to trade its spot away. I feel the management intends to choose a new QB, but we'll see.

As for the pick I am the most interested in - I have read some speculate that Will Levis (Kentucky University) will wind up being the Colts' selection. However, I have also read very strong indications that Anthony Richardson - from Florida - will be the choice.

In regards to the guesswork for Richardson - I was compelled by what I read to place a small wager on him being selected fourth. 

On top of that was he stood out to me when I was the NFL Combine a few months ago. He impressed me so much I had a gamble - at odds of 6/1 - he would be the first overall pick.

It looks like I've lost that punt because all signs are pointing to Carolina, who moved up to first following a trade with the Chicago Bears, picking Bryce Young who played for Alabama.

Before I close, I have to make mention of one other piece of NFL news from this week.

Aaron Rodgers is now a New York Jet!

Monday's news was an inevitable conclusion because Rodgers had made it clear he wanted to leave the Green Bay Packers for the Jets. It was all about both teams reaching a perfect deal.

Aaron Rodgers (NY Jets)

Rodgers was the Packers' longest-serving player in history. If you had asked me three years ago, maybe more, I would have laughed if you had told me he would play elsewhere before hanging things up.

I cannot help but shake my head at the irony that Rodgers moved to the Jets from Green Bay just like the Rodger's Packers predecessor - Brett Favre - did back in 2008. 

I'm pretty sure tomorrow's post will be about who the Colts chose. Until then, Indianapolis is on the clock.

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