Monday, March 27, 2023

It's WrestleMania Week

WrestleMania 39 Week

It's WrestleMania Week!

Even though - and as I noted in yesterday's post - I am not keen on the event now being a two-night thing, I still enjoy the celebration.

I had envisioned that this weekend's main event would be Roman Reigns .vs. The Rock. The setting of Hollywood was a perfect spot for a match between the two cousins. 

Instead, we're getting Cody Rhodes as Reigns' challenger.

I am in two minds about the result.

On one hand, they're telling a good story with Cody. He's aiming for something his father, Dusty Rhodes, was unable to accomplish in his glittering career: the WWF/E's biggest price. 

Cody winning the strap would close out a story that, if you want to be technical, began the moment his father - Dusty Rhodes - first wrestled in the then WWWF. 

The flip-side is this: Roman Reigns losing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship ends one of the longest, errr, reigns in the current era of pro wrestling. 

I've enjoyed everything about the Roman Reigns and The Bloodline storyline that has been played out on WWE TV for almost three years.

Reigns is also nearing one thousand days as champion. 

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