Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Headaches Of 2-Night Manias

I woke up with a very mild headache this morning.

My initial thought, upon realising my little problem, was this:

It could be a bigger headache this time next week

That's because it'll be the morning following night one of WrestleMania 39. I will then have to battle my way through Sunday to make it to night two.

This is going to be my thirty-fourth WrestleMania as a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment. Thirty-four years.

I love WrestleMania. As almost everyone who knows me is well aware. What I don't love, however, are two night WrestleManias.

I know, I know - I have to get used to them because they're the in-thing nowadays. It's unlikely they'll go away any time soon.

The younger me would have loved them, though. He would have loved them a lot.

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