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Rating Drink Powders XIV: Skittles Edition II

In June of last year, I published the eighth post in a series in which I have rated drink mixes from the USA.

The edition focused on three boxes of powders from the Skittles brand. In today's post, I once again find myself tasting Skittles drinks because - while doing a shop for American foods and drinks - I stumbled upon a box with individual flavours as opposed to the 'punch' drinks that are available in the other three Skittles packets I reviewed last year.

This box has four flavours - strawberry, orange, green apple and grape. I'll try them in that order.

As per usual, I'll drop a sachet into a bottle of water and share some thoughts along with a rating out of five to see which one wins this round.

If you've read previous editions of Rating Drink Powders, you'll be aware that I am not that keen on strawberry flavoured mixes.

This was no exception.

After taking my first gulp, I immediately thought the drink had a watermelon flavour. I absolutely detest watermelon, so this threw me off at first. However, the sensation didn't last long - the strawberry did kick in eventually. 

I took a second sip and I once again had my mind trick me into thinking I had watermelon. 

Same with the third. And so on.

To be fair, it is a refreshing drink. I simply dislike the initial taste every time a drop goes down my throat and - because of that - I have to score it low.

Rating: **

Even though I found tasting the strawberry flavour to be a peculiar experience, it does have a redeeming feature if you were to compare it to when I sampled the orange drink.

I couldn't taste a hint of orange at all.

Compared to other orange drinks I've had over the past two years, this is potentially right at the bottom when it comes to flavour. Not good.

I genuinely thought strawberry was going to be the least liked flavour of the four, but I was very wrong.

Rating: *

Green Apple
As I have written in the past - Apple Tango is one of my favourite drinks. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to see me keen to see what the green apple flavoured Skittles tastes like.

Before I share my thoughts, it's worth pointing out elephant one in the room. 

In the US, where these drink mixes come from, the green Skittles are apple flavour. Here in the UK, you'll find that they're lime.

As I am a fan of apple drinks, I am glad I get to drink this flavour (although I wouldn't turn my nose up at lime!).

The apple flavour is strong. It's superior to the two other drinks I've tried from this box. It reminded me a lot of the Jolly Rancher apple drink I tried in Rating Drink Powders V. It would only be fair to give this Skittles green apple an identical grade.

Rating: ***

The second elephant in the room is the grape Skittles flavour. Over here, in the UK, the purple Skittle is blackcurrant. 

Elephant three - grape is one of my favourite flavours.

It should go without saying that I am glad this purple drink isn't blackcurrant (not that I dislike it).

Unfortunately, I found Skittles Grape to be reminiscent of some of the weaker grape drinks I've tasted over the years. Because of that, I have to rate this one in a similar fashion.

Rating: ** 1/2

And the winner is...
Apple wins by half-a-star over grape in what was really a two-horse race considering how disappointing the strawberry and orange flavours were in this set.

I know I've concluded some of the most recent drink powders posts with a doubt over whether there will be future posts in this series. As of right now, it appears as though I've tried everything I've been able to get my hands on. Therefore, this MIGHT be it.

For now?

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