Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Karen's Diner Gets A Zero?

The 14th March 2023 issue of The Daily Star had a concerning story about a restaurant I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Karen's Diner Newport Story (Daily Star, 14 March 2023)

The eatery of note is the Karen's Diner that has recently opened up near me in Newport, South Wales.  It states that it has been given a zero as a food hygiene rating which all food businesses have to display to customers.

I visited the Food Standard Agency's website to see the result for myself. However, the website states that the premises have been recently inspected and the rating will be 'published soon'.

Karen's Diner Newport

If true, it's a shame to see the restaurant get the lowest score because, as I noted a little under a month ago, I think the concept of a restaurant which has 'terrible service, but good food' sounds like a fun experience for both staff and clientele. 

I hope the business is able to turn this around.

The information in this post is referring to an article which appeared in the March 14th 2023 edition of The Daily Star newspaper. Please check the Food Hygiene Standards website for the most recent food hygiene scores for Karen's Diner or any food outlet.

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