Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Karen's Diner - Such A Fun, Great Idea

My local news had a brief story on Karen's Diner opening its first restaurant in Wales on today's broadcast.

It's news I am happy to see because - as a concept - I believe an eatery which has a gimmick in which it offers poor service but good food is absolutely brilliant.

Every time I've seen clips online from other Karen's Diner stores, I end up laughing at how great the staff are at being obnoxious assholes.

As a former waiter, who worked tirelessly to try and satisfy every customer I dealt with, I envy those who work at Karen's Diner because they get to play a role so far removed from a regular server while still offering a service.

It must be fun. 

However, it also scares me - in a humorous way - to wonder how the staff cope in the real world after spending hours being angry and roasting people.

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