Friday, March 03, 2023

Creed III Looks Promising

Creed III looks very promising.

The third instalment, of the Rocky spin-off, was released today. I had a look through a couple of spoiler-free reviews and I see nothing but praise.


One title reads 'No Stallone? No Problem..' and I kind of have an issue with that one. As I wrote, when I first heard about Sylvester Stallone not being in this film, I feel Rocky should have made at least a very small appearance.

Still, that one reviewer has seen it and I haven't. 

Creed III

I will always want Rocky Balboa in films based in the Rocky Universe. That's just my opinion.

With that said, it is cool to see the Adonis Creed storyline furthered. I look forward to catching Creed III as soon as I can.

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