Sunday, February 12, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday 2023

It's one of my favourite days of the year.

Super Bowl Sunday!

To celebrate the day, and the big game, I will run this post throughout the day with bits and pieces added before, during and after the game.


DFS For Tonight
Here is a daily fantasy football team I've entered into a £5 contest.

DFS Super Bowl LVII Team

As you can see, it only asked to pick five players. The first player is deemed the 'MVP' and picks up more points (in  this case the points Jalen Hurts gets will be multiplied by 1.5).

£1 Million will be given to the player that finishes first. I can't see a sole entrant coming first, but we'll see.

While I'm on about DFS, I may as well tie up the loose end from the team I entered for the Conference Championship games.

It finished in 146,933rd place out of 285,714 entries. It scored 74.14 points and was 12.16 points from making the cut.

DFS Conference Championship (2022 Season)

Game Day Socks
I was given the following pair of socks for Christmas. I thought I would wait until today to put them on for the first time.

Game Day Socks

Prop Betting
I have looked at some Super Bowl prop bets and will likely have done more by kick off. The one I am the most invested in requires both teams to score at least one touchdown and one field goal each in both quarters. 

It has odds of 16/1. 

Which Team?
If you read my post from Friday, you'll know that I had a wager on Patrick Mahomes to be the Super Bowl MVP. Therefore, I am - in a roundabout way - invested in a Kansas City Chiefs win.

With that said, my spreadsheet has the Eagles to win. 

I'm not torn that much. I would much rather the Chiefs win giving me some hope that Mahomes is declared the MVP. 

As I also pointed out on Friday, history is not on Mahomes' side.

The 99p Offer
I received an email from NFL GamePass the other day. It was an offer that I genuinely gave some thought to.

For 99p, I could get access to the live Super Bowl stream from NFL GamePass. This includes all of the adverts that appear during the game.

Commercials, during the Super Bowl, are a big part of the game in the US and - even though I detest ad breaks during the regular NFL games - I am curious to experience watching the game from a direct US feed like that one day.

This isn't the year, though.

ITV or Sky?
I am intrigued to see whether ITV has its own commentary team on hand to broadcast the game. The broadcaster did so for the London games it aired during the 2022 season.

Even though I am keen to see how ITV covers the game, I'll be sticking with Sky Sports. 

The game will be available on Sky Sports Mix HD channel. I subscribe to all the Sky Sports Standard Definition channels and get the Mix HD channel as part of the package so will watch it on that.

I've watched the NFL every week on Sky Sports during the season. I will be there til the end. The only thing that would have made me move away from Sky is if the game was still on the BBC!

Here's one of the snacks I have made for this evening.

Super Bowl Snack

It's a mixture of honey roasted peanuts, toffee popcorn and chocolate-coated raisins.

The reason why I have this trio combined is because, a few years ago, I came across a Christmas snack mix with those items in Sainsbury's. I recall keeping a packet aside for a Super Bowl.

I haven't seen those bags for years, so thought I would make my own by buying nuts, popcorn and raisins separately and then throw them together in an empty tub I had laying around the house.

Coin Toss Betting
I've just had a gamble on the coin toss result to be Tails.

Why? Well, the coin has fallen on that side three times out of the three times Arizona has hosted the Super Bowl.


Coin Toss Result
Tails came in. What a result. That's 4-0 for Tails in Arizona!

It's a very entertaining game. However, the Eagles are winning 24-14. 

The 16/1 prop bet I mentioned above will be graded as a loss. Both teams have scored touchdowns and Philadelphia has scored a field goal in the first half. The Chiefs missed an FG. As soon as the ball hit the post, I thought that would be significant.


38-35 To Kansas City
I must have made a mistake last night.

After watching the game, I wrote a few sentences and mustn't have pressed 'update' on the Blogger panel.

The main thing I noted was that the game was one of my favourite Super Bowls ever. However, another point I explored was how similar the game was to the FIFA World Cup final from December.

I saw Jalen Hurts as the Kylian Mbappe of last night. The best player on the field, who ultimately was not on what turned out to be the winning team.

It was also fairly even throughout.

The DFS Result
I wouldn't have noticed that the 'After' section had not been updated to this post had it not been for me returning this evening (it's 8PM GMT on February 13) to tie up the loose end of the DFS Result from last night.

You'll see, in the image below, that my team picked up a total amount of 112.94 points and finished in the money. I doubled up and returned £10 from my entry fee. The cut-off was 100.22.

DFS - Super Bowl Result (2022 Season)

And that's all for another season. 

I'm sure I'll end up writing about the XFL over the coming weeks. As far as the NFL goes - it's all eyes on the draft and the 2023 Season.

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