Friday, February 10, 2023


A few weeks ago, I placed a bet on Patrick Mahomes to be the Most Valuable Player.

I saw the quarterback at 4/1 and thought to myself that was a more than decent price. However, I messed up good and proper.

Shortly after striking the wager, I realised that I needed Mahomes to be the Super Bowl MVP and not the Associated Press' 2022 NFL Regular Season MVP.

I would have won. Patrick Mahomes was voted the MVP and it was announced last night.

As luck, if you can call it that, went for me - Mahomes' team: the Kansas City Chiefs, have made it to the Super Bowl. 

I am now in position to make £40 profit from my £10 wager, cash out now and take £8.19 profit or lose a £10 by not having 

Mahomes MVP Bet

I've considered betting on the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback - Jalen Hurts - in order to hedge my bet to a degree. After all, the Eagles are favourites to win Sunday's big game. 

Another thing that is in the back of my mind as I sit here contemplating my move is the Super Bowl curse that has struck season MVPs.

There has been a recent trend where regular season MVPs have came up short if they end up playing in the Super Bowl.

The players who have won the regular season MVP award and then lost the Super Bowl are:

Kurt Warner (2001)
Rich Gannon (2002)
Shaun Alexander (2005)
Tom Brady (2007 and 2017)
Peyton Manning (2009 and 2013)
Cam Newton (2015)
Matt Ryan (2016)

The last time a regular season MVP has also won the Super Bowl was for the 1999 season when Kurt Warner led the St. Louis Rams to a 23-16 win over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. He was also named as the game's MVP.

That's twenty-three years ago!

History is not on my side, is it?

And that's before we start looking at how questionable Patrick Mahomes' ankle is right now.

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