Saturday, February 11, 2023

Airheads Raspberry Lemonade Chewing Gum

Yesterday saw me dip into my stash of American chewing gum that was given to me by a friend over Christmas.

With three packets left to go, and with my nephew set to have braces inserted - meaning he won't be able to sample gum for the next few years, I gave him the choice.

He picked Airheads Raspberry Lemonade.

It was an unsurprising to see his pick because both of us have tried Airheads products over the years. We had even tried - and enjoyed! - an Airheads Blue Raspberry chewing gum recently.

My nephew opened the first stick from yesterday's packet. I could see him wince as soon as he first bit into it and I knew that he would say it was sour. 

He did. 

However, after the initial sensation he thought it was a nice flavour.

As for me - I also had the early bitter sensation followed by a nice taste. But, my thoughts led me on a trip down Memory Lane.

It isn't exactly like Lemonade flavour Fizzy Chewits - a brand of sweets from the latter part of my childhood - but, upon chewing this gum with its 'Micro Candies', I couldn't help but be reminded of Fizzy Chewits.

If you remember Lemonade Flavour Fizzy Chewits, and liked them, you will 100% get a kick out of this chewing gum.

This Airheads gum is even better than the Blue Raspberry flavour. That should say a lot considering how much of a blue raspberry fan I claim to be.

Airheads Raspberry Lemonade

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