Thursday, February 16, 2023

Colts Unveil Shane Steichen

The Indianapolis Colts unveiled their new head coach yesterday.

Shane Steichen's has arrived after spending the past couple of seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles (the Super Bowl finalists). Before that, he was employed by the Chargers.

Shane Steichen

The coaching carousel sure is a funny thing in the NFL. 

The Colts previous head coach - Frank Reich - came in after spending a couple of seasons as the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive coordinator immediately after their Super Bowl winning season. Before the Eagles, Reich was on the staff of.. yes, you guessed it - the Chargers!

I felt a lot of promise when Frank Reich came along. Back then, however, the Colts had Andrew Luck at quarterback. 

Steichen doesn't have a top class quarterback. 


Another thing which stood out to me yesterday was the picture above. I had never noticed it before, but I couldn't help but think Steichen looks similar to a head coach in the other sport of football.

Can you see the similarities between the Colts' new HC and England's Gareth Southgate? I can..

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