Friday, February 17, 2023

To XFL Or Not XFL?

The XFL will have its second relaunch tomorrow.

The American football league - now owned by Dwayne Johnson and others - does not appear to have a UK TV deal. However, it looks like those with an ESPN Player subscription have the ability to watch the games via Internet streaming.

I'm in two minds whether to subscribe.

I did enjoy - to a certain level - watching the XFL on BT Sport in 2020 before the Covid outbreak ended the season ultimately leading the league into bankruptcy.

However, it's obvious I would have enjoyed it because it's American football and meant that my weekly bingeing of football continued following the conclusion of the NFL's season.

With the positives aside, there is also a very big negative that is the devil, maybe angel, on my shoulder telling me not to bother with the sub.

Some of the plays in that league were abysmal. Passes weren't caught. 

You could clearly see there was a huge difference between the NFL and the XFL. 

I can recall some really crappy referee calls as well. One ruined the outcome of a game. 

It was frustrating to watch at times. In fact, I'd go so far as to say 'it was frustrating to watch A LOT of the time'.

I don't know for sure what will win out in this decision making process. I still have over a day to reach a conclusion.

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