Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Blurred Memories

In yesterday's post, I wrote about it being twenty years since my uncle passed away.

For today, I thought I would share something random I recall from the days after the news was broken to me.

My parents headed off to my aunt's home the following morning while I went to work. I don't remember anything about work that day. However, I remember what I did for dinner that night.

Kind of.

I don't know what I ordered. Actually, I would gamble on it being my favourite: Chicken Korma, Peshwari Naan Bread and - maybe - half and half rice and chips.

But, that's still all guesswork. 

I do recall one vivid thing, though.

As random as this may come across, I remember sitting inside that restaurant on a sofa waiting for my name to be called out and Eastenders was on the TV. 

It was Todd Carty's final episode as Mark Fowler. 

The Radio Times archive backs my recollection up. 

Eastenders February 14 2003

It's the most random, yet only, thing I can remember of that following day. 

I'm currently contemplating having an Indian meal tonight. I know I won't remember anything about that one in twenty years from now.

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