Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Jerry (Again)

On Tuesday September 11 2012, I found myself breaking a rule I have set for publishing posts on my blog.

I strictly publish one post a day. However, on that morning, I had just watched the previous night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and wrote about the event that overshadowed the entire show.

Jerry Lawler had a heart attack on that episode while he was on commentary. It was a scary moment as everything played out over the course of the episode. 

It was something that brought back memories of Owen Hart's passing from an accident, which occurred during the WWF Over The Edge PPV in 1999 which, ironically, Jerry Lawler witnessed right in front of him as he worked that night.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills Monday Night Football game from early January, which was called off following Danar Hamlin's cardiac arrest, reminded me of the Hart and Lawler situations. 

In a way, the Hamlin situation reminded me more of Lawler because both men survived.

With the Lawler 2012 reminder recently back in my conscious thoughts, it was a shock to see the news come in last night - a little over a month since the Hamlin situation - which said that the well-known wrestling personality had suffered a stroke and needed thoughts and prayers.

I've looked through the news this morning. It appears as though Lawler underwent surgery yesterday and many people are sending him their best wishes.

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