Friday, January 13, 2023

Sale Of The Century

It has been another wild week following the behind-the-scenes real-life storyline going on in World Wrestling Entertainment.

To cut a long story short - Vince McMahon has regained power. It came at the expense of a handful of boardroom members including his own daughter, Stephanie.

The return of McMahon comes at a stage where the company is set to eventually be sold. 

Late on Tuesday night, rumours began circulating that the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund had purchased WWE. This proved to be false reporting. For now. 

For now?

It's such a crazy time. A company I have followed for a gigantic chunk of my life is going to be in the hands of people other than the McMahons. 

All that history. Not just WWE lore. Everything WWE has scooped up over the years is going to be in the control of people outside of the wrestling industry.

It fills me with dread. 

When that day of the sale is upon us. Whether it be to the Saudis, NBC, Disney or any other conglomerate for that matter, it'll be when the music slips into a coma as far as I'm concerned.

The Khan Family - who are apparently interested as well - is where I would like the business to go. History will be safe in their hands.

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