Saturday, January 14, 2023

I Try Budweiser Popcorn

On my hunt for metallic Budweiser bottles for the 2022 World Cup, I came across something I was compelled to buy.

It was a Budweiser gift set which included a regular bottle of Bud, a glass bearing the BEST DAMN TROPHY IN THE WORLD (in my opinion, of course) and..


Budweiser flavoured popcorn!

Yes, you read that right. Popcorn which has a flavour of Budweiser. It also has caramel, but let's overlook that one for now. 

It's popcorn made with a flavouring of BUDWEISER!

Budweiser World Cup 2022 Gift Set

I have seen Budweiser products in the past, and very recently. For example, in the last 2000's, I made chicken in a Budweiser sauce and - even though I have not seen them on the shelves with my own eyes - Budweiser spare ribs and peanuts have been advertised in leaflets from shops that are local to me.

With nearly all of the Christmas and the New Year sweets and snacks out of the way, I decided to open up the popcorn last night. 

They were a let-down.

I cannot explain how they felt without an oxymoron because they tasted soggy and dry. And totally like gone off popcorn. I surmise the reason why they tasted like this is because of the 'Budweiser' and caramel not being able to coexist.

When I write 'coexist', I mean one of the two parties - in this marriage of caramel and the American beer - existed. 

And it wasn't the Bud. 

If that popcorn had any hint of a Budweiser, it was Bud from a watered down pump at a student union bar. Or - better still - a cup of Bud poured into a caramel ice cream sauce machine.

Maybe I came into this popcorn experience expecting more than I should have. It was a let-down, but the bottle of Bud made up for it.

It should go without saying that I would not go out of my way to try Budweiser popcorn again.

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