Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Global Belly Laugh Day 2023

At 1:24PM - at the exact moment I have set this post to go live - the World SHOULD be celebrating Global Belly Laugh Day.

How do I know this? By looking at the Garbage Pail Kids Page A Day Calendar of course.

Garbage Pail Kids 2023 Calendar - 24 January

I don't know why the time of 1:24PM local time is significant to celebrate such a day.

All I do know is that yesterday would have been a better opportunity for me to write about Global Belly Laugh Day. The reason why I reached that conclusion is because I woke up yesterday morning to hearing myself laugh in my dream. 

On rare occasions, I have woken up by snores or a yell. Never, until yesterday, had I done so through laughter.

Before publishing the post, I realised that 1:24PM is significant in that it is the first month and the twenty-fourth day.

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