Sunday, January 08, 2023

A Bet Builder Wager On Tennessee .vs. Jacksonville (2022 Season)

I am not going to enter any of the NFL daily fantasy contests today.

With this being the final weekend of the season, with some teams playing for their playoff futures and others - well - not, I thought it wasn't worth playing.

However, I have had a gamble.

The Jacksonville Jaguars versus Tennessee Titans game, which will kick off in a little over an hour from when this post goes live, will have both teams competing to win the AFC South division.

I thought I'd have a £5 bet builder punt on it. For the wager to win, I need the following three things to occur:

This game is also important for another reason.

Jacksonville was one of the qualifying teams Zeros to Heroes betting approach for the 2022 season. It requires the Jags to claim the AFC South to win.

I'll surely write more about this game in a future post once the regular season has concluded.

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