Saturday, January 07, 2023

No. 2

I finished second in the NFL Fantasy football league I play in.

NFL Fantasy: 2022 Result

The 2022 season, as far as fantasy went, was meant to have concluded last Monday night. However, the situation which saw Buffalo safety - Damor Hamlin - suffer a cardiac arrest on the field, forcing the game against the Cincinnati Bengals to be halted after less than one quarter of play, left the fantasy results in limbo.

The NFL announced yesterday that the game would not be restarted, or replayed for that matter, and this confirmed that the fantasy scores - for any Buffalo or Cincinnati players - would not count.

I had Buffalo quarterback, Josh Allen, and Cincinnati's running back - Joe Mixon - on my team. My opponent had the Bills' defence.

This isn't me making excuses, though. The person who eventually went on to take the league's Super Bowl had a strong lead even before Monday's game kicked off.

I would have needed a miracle.

Speaking of miracles - it looks like things are going as well as can be expected for Hamlin. He spoke with his teammates via Zoom yesterday. A day before that, he regained consciousness and one of the first things he asked his doctors was whether the team had won their game against the Bengals.

What a sportsman.

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