Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Halloween Candy

With it still being Halloween Night (on a technicality) as this post goes live at the strike of midnight on November 1st, I thought I would publish an addon to yesterday's post and show you something I bought earlier this year from one of those websites that sells American food and drink.

It relates to the Halloween movies.

Halloween Candy

It is a small tin with Michael Myers mask on it.

Inside the tin was American candy. As you'll see below, the little pieces of orange-flavoured sweets were shaped like Michael Myers' weapon of choice - knives.

Halloween Candy

I didn't really bother eating the sweets. I gave them away to my nephew. To show how I was more interested in the tin - it was he who made me realise what the shapes were of.

The back of the tin states that it is a  'Halloween II' tie-in. I highly doubt they're from 1981 - when the movie was released - but rather something that has been been made for some other reason. Oh, and it for sure has nothing to do with the Rob Zombie Halloween II reboot from 2009 because the logo font is like the sequel from the '80s.

I wonder if there are Halloween III sweets out there? I for sure would have bought tins bearing the pumpkin, skeleton and witch masks if they had.

Halloween Candy

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