Sunday, August 28, 2022

Minus Six And Counting

It is now officially less than a week to go until Cardiff hosts WWE Clash at the Castle.

As has been widely pointed out ever since the event was first announced earlier this year, Clash at the Castle will be WWE's first stadium show in the United Kingdom since the SummerSlam show from Wembley in 1992.

Tomorrow is going to be thirtieth anniversary of SummerSlam 1992, so the company picked the right week to return didn't it?

(To be fair  - it is long overdue)

When I think of Saturday's upcoming show, I cannot help but reminisce about the excitement my young self had as I looked ahead to SummerSlam. I didn't even go to London to see the show, but was hooked by all the drama building on the weekly TV as the event neared.

It wasn't just the TV programmes, though. Little things like collecting the Merlin WWF trading cards - which had a SummerSlam theme - made it all seem special that one of the then Big Four wrestling events was taking place here in Great Britain.

I look back to the summer of 1992 with a lot of fondness. SummerSlam is definitely one of the top memories of that season.

It's cool to think, or rather - hope, that there is a new generation out there looking forward to Saturday's event. 

Let's hope it doesn't take another thirty years.

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