Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Lost In Translation: The Rondo Hatton Edition

I was reading one of the stories in Stephen King's Night Shift over the weekend. It led to a funny exchange between Siri and I.

It all started when the name of an actor came up in one of the short stories. I was reading the book on my Amazon Kindle, so highlighted Rondo Hatton's name to see how famous he is. 

Or rather - was.

Wikipedia told me that he was a journalist who became a famous horror movie actor. He is credited as having had unique facial features which led to him picking up many of his gruesome roles.

Intrigued, and lazy to look for myself, I shouted out to my Apple HomePod for an assist. My request was simple:

Hey Siri, send a picture of Rondo Hatton to my phone!

Siri heard me. A picture was sent to my phone. However, it was of Randall from This Is Us. Maybe the request wasn't as simple as I had suspected.

It's easy to see that it heard me say 'Randall' rather than 'Rondo'. 

It's difficult to work out how it picked up 'Pearson' from 'Hatton', though.

'Hey Siri'

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