Monday, March 07, 2022

A Nightmare Start To The Week

I had something funny to write about today. However, I had to put it on the backburner until tomorrow because I wanted to share something else.

Some might find what I am about to write about funny. In a way, I find humour in it. 

I fell asleep sometime after 1AM last night. 

And then came the nightmare.

I don't know what led up to the conclusion of the dream. However, here is how it ended.

I was at home and I heard an abundance of sirens wailing. To add to that, noise started coming from above me. Planes. Not just any old aircraft. They were warplanes. 

'The Russians are invading!' I was shouting out in the nightmare. Then the world around me began to shake and then I changed from my Russian attack fears to 'the world is exploding!'

Everything around me was shaking. 

I yelled for help.

It was that yell which woke me up.

That was a first - I've never screamed myself out of my sleep before.

Would it be crazy of me to state that I found a thrill from that fear? It's easy for me to say that knowing that I am safe yet so many other people out there are having their world shake around them.

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