Friday, February 11, 2022

I Try Kellogg's Cookies And Cream Krave

I have tried the new flavour of Kellogg's Krave breakfast cereal.

The regular flavour of the cereal is a golden coloured parcel filled with a hazelnut chocolate. The new variety, which has just came out, is Cookies and Cream flavour.

The parcel is black (chocolatey resembling the cookie coating) and inside - instead of the hazelnut chocolate filling - is a white flavour to resemble the cream.

I'll be straight with you and say that it didn't remind me in any way to a regular cookies and cream flavour. However, it did taste nice.

Krave Cookies & Cream

Krave Cookies & Cream

To close, I ask the important question - would I buy a box again in the future? To give you a realistic response, I'd have to say 'I don't know' because there are many other breakfast cereals on my go to list and this did not crack the upper part of the list.

I repeat - it did taste nice, though.

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