Monday, January 31, 2022

My Super Bowl Wish Was Granted

I got my wish.

If you had read this year's edition of 'The Super Bowl I'd Like To See', you would have seen that - with four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs - that the Super Bowl game I would have liked to have seen was one featuring the Cincinnati Bengals representing the AFC and the Los Angeles Rams as champions of the National Football Conference.

The Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers to secure a place in the big game, which will be held on their home field of SoFi Stadium in thirteen days from now.

Earlier in the evening, the Cincinnati Bengals stunned a lot of people by taking down the strong favourites - the Kansas City Chiefs - to become winners of the American Football Conference.

What a match up this will be. With some interesting storylines on offer.

As I wrote about last week, I wanted the Rams to make it because I feel it is one of the teams that has been fun to watch both on and off the field. 

Over the summer, the Rams made a trade with the Detroit Lions to bring quarterback Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles. The move sent Jared Goff the other way.

It was quite a ballsy move. It's one step away from being a great move. It sure was a great move for Stafford who certainly deserves to go the Super Bowl - something I felt could have happened many years ago during the Lions' rebuild periods which didn't pan out as I had hoped.

On the other side of the field will be a team with a second-year quarterback who has never lost a playoff game as a college athlete or as a pro (yet?) in Joe Burrow.

Both franchises are very likeable (to me!) and I really would be happy to see either team win on February 13. It'll be one of those Super Bowls I'll sit back and enjoy without rooting for one team over another. 

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