Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Super Bowl I'd Like To See (2021 Season Edition)

Each year, following the divisional round of the NFL post-season, I like to look at the four remaining teams and give my person rankings of which game I'd prefer to see on Super Bowl Sunday.

This list is ALWAYS biased. Here goes with the edition for the 2021 season.

4.) Kansas City .vs. San Francisco
I rank this one last only because it has Kansas City as one of the teams. I told you this was biased.

3.) Kansas City .vs. Los Angeles
I have a feeling this will be the game we'll see on February 13th. Kanas City would be meeting a home team in the Super Bowl for the second year on the trot if this were to happen.

2.) Cincinnati .vs. San Francisco
It would be cool to see the Cincinnati Bengals overcome the Chiefs. I doubt it can be pulled off, though. The 49ers made the Super Bowl a few years ago for the Harbaugh Bowl, so that's one reason why I've placed this match in second behind a Bengals versus Rams game.

1.) Cincinnati .vs. Los Angeles
Another one of the few reasons why I'd like to see Los Angeles in the Super Bowl is because it'll be another team playing at home (Tampa Bay was the first home team to win a Super Bowl last year, so it could potentially happen back-to-back with this year's Super Bowl taking place in the Rams' home of SoFi Stadium).
I'd also like to see Los Angeles make it to the Super Bowl because of how much work the team did before, and during, the season to bring players into the organisation. The biggest coup may have been the trade the Rams did with Detroit which saw quarterbacks Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford switch teams. Stafford has had a very good season and - after all those seasons with the Lions - I believe he deserves at least one opportunity to make it to the big one and potentially win it. 

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