Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Questionable Firing In Miami

For the first time in quite a while, I didn't bother watching any of the Black Monday coverage on the NFL Network.

The first Monday following the close of the regular season always sees head coaches and general managers relieved of their duties and - for the past few years - I noticed that I would have the channel on only for a small filter of sackings taking place.

It was always after I've decided to switch off when things seemed to heat up.

I missed a few names dropping yesterday. I believe the day started with Mike Zimmer being let go from coaching the Minnesota Vikings. Or maybe it was Vic Fangio from Denver. Following those two were Matt Nagy (Chicago) and Brian Flores (Miami).

Flores' firing was a shock, if I say so myself. He coached the team for three years with a record of 24-25. Okay, that's slightly below 50% but consider the Dolphins in 2021.

The team started off 1-7, but saw a big turn around closing the season with seven wins out of the remaining eight to go 8-8. Plus, they bookended the season with away and home victories against the Patriots (one of their AFC East nemesis').

So, yeah, Flores' firing was a huge surprise and very questionable considering what was building.

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