Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Looking Forward To The Batman

I saw an advert for Oreos yesterday. It caught my attention because it was running a promotion for the new Batman movie.

Initially, I thought it strange that there would be a relationship between the two things because I was under the belief that The Batman was set to be released in late 2022. A little research has led me to realise that I was wrong. The film is coming out in March.

Cue me getting excited earlier than planned.

I watched the first trailer when it came out and decided not to watch anything else because I didn't want to anything to spoil.

Going by that first trailer, it looks like a Batman movie for me. Especially with it looking like it'll be old school Batman just like how he was when the character was first created.

In those days, he was more of a detective than a vigilante. I really hope that is what it is and not me reading too much into the few scenes I have watched. 

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