Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Good Riddance, Supergirl

I cannot wait until the final episode of Supergirl airs on Sky tonight.

The reason why is because I've been hate-watching the programme for a few years now. I felt compelled to continue watching it because of its ties to other series' in the Arrowverse. Plus, one of my faults is I like to see things through to a conclusion.

And I am glad that this crappy series has now come to an end.

I can pinpoint to the exact moment where I think it started to go wrong. 

The writers seemed to overdo the political commentary during Donald Trump's reign of terror and went so far as to start each episode by highlighting the fact that Kara was a 'refugee' from Krypton.

It might be a controversial take, but - when I want to watch TV based on comic book characters - I want that without any political agendas hidden within a story.

I absolutely don't mind it in high class drama or whatever. It just seemed like a wrong choice to have it in a comic book TV show.

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