Thursday, August 26, 2021

Buying A Share In Cadbury's Latest Promotion

Cadbury is bringing out a new Wispa Gold bar and the company is running a promotion ahead of its September 6th launch.

The promotion - for the limited edition hazelnut Wispa Gold - started at 12:00PM yesterday afternoon on Twitter. The platform's users were asked to tweet Cadbury's official UK Twitter account using the hashtag #WispaGoldHF. They would then be given a link to purchase a 69p 'Share' in the new product.

The share isn't a real stake in the bar, or in the company, it's just a fun gimmick in which the owners can keep track in the value of the chocolate bar for the next few days. 

At the point of sale, one share is equal to one Wispa Gold bar. Owners will be informed of the price of a share each day at 12PM BST. This will continue until a week on Friday when - at 8:00PM BST - Cadbury will reveal the final value of a share. Shareholders will then be sent the closing value in chocolate bars. Going by the terms and conditions, it looks like six bars is the maximum amount that could potentially be given away to those who have paid the 69p for a share.

I was able to purchase a share.

I'll publish an update once the market closes. For now, I'm going to sit back and see how it goes.

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Shares

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