Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Saturday PPV And The Trick It Played

Each Tuesday morning, I wake up with one rule running through my mind.


The same thought struck me as I stirred myself to life yesterday morning. Only there was doubt creeping in.

'It can't be Tuesday today because I watched SummerSlam over two days ago'. 

I genuinely thought that I had woken up and it was Wednesday.

There is a good reason why my mind played tricks on me. Or so I believe.

After year, upon year, of watching WWF/E pay-per-views on Sunday nights, I spent the weekend watching the annual SummerSlam show on a Saturday instead of its regular night.

That is what must have done it for me. Even so, my mind didn't even register that - even if I had woken up on a Wednesday - I still had no recollection of watching Monday's Raw.

It made sense after a few short seconds, though. I avoided the Internet until I watched the programme which recorded in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Saturday PPVs are still something I am going to struggle to get used to. SummerSlams used to be on Mondays back in their initial years. However, in the early-to-mid 1990's, they moved to Sundays and I had been watching them live on Sundays since Sky first began to air them on those nights in 1995. 

I'll always prefer Sunday nights for WWE PPV events, but I think we're entering an era where some, if not most, will take place a day earlier than usual.

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