Thursday, June 10, 2021


Check out how I filled in the codeword puzzle I did yesterday morning.

Codeword Puzzle

I started it off as usual by filling in the letters that were given to me to kick things off and then I started working out the words.

Then, after figuring out a few words, I realised that I had yet to work out where all the E letters should go.

Letter E is the most common in the English language, so it is obviously the most prominent letter in these puzzles and is often the first thing I look for once I've filled in the letters that are given to me.

Anyway, after realising I had not stuck to my usual strategy, I thought it would be fun to leave the E letter until last.

I would be lying if I stated that I didn't figure out where the letter had to go shortly after my decision, but I stuck to my guns and worked around the knowledge that I needed to have an E inside all the boxes with a 10 inside them.

It took me twenty-four minutes and thirty-six seconds to finish the puzzle. A few minutes over my target of twenty minutes.

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