Monday, April 12, 2021

Post-WrestleMania 37 Post

Another WrestleMania is done and dusted for another, which means it's time for the annual post-WrestleMania post.

I'll start off with this - even though I dislike extremely long WrestleMania Sundays that tend to drag in the latter stages, I HATE the event being carried over two nights. 

The worst match of night one was the women's tag team turmoil and the worst from tonight was the opener - The Fiend .vs. Randy Orton.

As for the best matches over the two nights - well, that's easy. It was the main events from both nights.

It was great to see Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks close out Saturday night with the former becoming Smackdown Women's Champion.

I loved Roman Reigns' successful title retention over Daniel Bryan and Edge tonight. Or rather 'this morning'. 

The end was brilliant with Reigns pinning both men at the same time. Clever finish. 

Now onto Dallas in 2022.

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