Wednesday, April 14, 2021

AirPods Wait

I have been eyeing up a pair of Apple AirPods for what seems like almost two years now. However, the rule I have set myself is to wait until a new generation of the earphones are released and then purchase them then.

Using that rule, I don't end up disappointed when a new version finds its way to store shelves shortly after my purchase (it happened with iPods and iPhones in my early years of buying Apple products).

I found out that Apple has a new event lined up to promote new launches on April 20th. However, it is not looking good in regards to AirPods.

The prediction is that the new earphones won't be out until later this year. Therefore, the wait continues.

At this rate, I might end up having to buy an Apple Watch (my other one has broken) and AirPods on the same day!  Should be fun...

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