Sunday, March 14, 2021

Super Mario Monopoly

This past Wednesday was Super Mario Day.

March 10th is the perfect day to celebrate Nintendo's iconic character. Why? Well, here's why:

MAR 10

Do you see it?

Smyths Toys had a special promotion for the day. The toy shop gave away bags of Super Mario Bros. Lego toys away with any Mario-related products.

I decided to take up this offer and bought a Mario Monopoly board. I have a few boards of other things I like (A Christmas Story, WWE), so thought I may as well add a Super Mario edition to my collection.

It arrived yesterday. Here's what the box looks like.

Super Mario Monopoly

As you'll see, in the image below, the 'properties' on this edition of the board game are made up of locations that can be found on some of the popular Mario games. 

Instead of houses and hotels, players get to put Toad houses and Peach castles on the land they own.

Super Mario Monopoly

There's also a question block that you press in order to win extra coins or extra goes. 

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