Monday, March 15, 2021

Pizza Hut KFC Pizza 2021

On February 17th, I mentioned that Pizza Hut had brought back a limited edition pizza which has KFC Popcorn Chicken and sweetcorn on a base which has KFC gravy on it.

I ordered one when they first came out last year. It was quite popular because the company sold out fast. 

The February 17th post closed with me stating that I wasn't sure if I would buy a KFC Pizza this year. It wasn't because I didn't like the one I had in 2020, because I did. I just didn't know if any stock would be available if - or when - I felt compelled to eat pizza.

Well, I did end up in the mood for one. 

And they were in stock when I went to make an order.

Pizza Hut KFC Pizza 2021

Just like last year - I enjoyed it.

I believe the limited edition run ended yesterday. If not, this could be the final week.

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