Sunday, March 21, 2021

Census Day 2021

I was tasked with filling out my household's census questionnaire this year.

It was the first time I've had to fill one in. In years past, one of my parents would ask me the questions as they filled it out on the form that was posted to our home. 

Our 2021 census was all done online this time. I thought it would be quite daunting and I hoped that my Internet wouldn't fail me at the key parts.

Well - my fears were half met. I found the filling in part to be quite easy. However, and unsurprisingly considering how bad Virgin Media's Internet has been lately, I did lose wi-fi signal near the end of the process.

Thankfully, everything was stored as I went along and I was able to continue where I had left off.

In a little over one hundred years from now, the citizens of the future - who will be citizens of the present! - are going to find out about about my family and I on their Apple iPhone 112s.

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