Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Return Of A Popular Pizza

Remember last February when Pizza Hut brought out a KFC Pizza which consisted of a gravy base, sweetcorn and popcorn chicken?

Well.. it's back!

Pizza Hut has announced its return. However, it'll only be available for four weeks.

The pizza was quite popular when it first came out. I ordered it on the first day it was available (and enjoyed it), but I noticed that it was not on the website of my local store when I'd browse to see if they were still offering it.

Back then, the run was meant to be for a fortnight, but I didn't notice it at all after the first day.

Here's a picture I took last year. I don't know for sure if I'll buy on this time around, but I am considering it. 

It just has to be in stock when I decide it's time for a pizza.

KFC Pizza Hut Pizza 2020

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