Saturday, January 23, 2021

Predicting This Weekend's Winners

I dusted off my NFL spreadsheet yesterday to see what results it would give me for the conference championship games that will be played tomorrow.

The results were interesting.

For starters, it has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Green Bay Packers game to tie. Therefore, it's recommending a play on the Bucs on the pointspread.

As for the AFC Championship game - it has the Buffalo Bills to beat the Kansas City Chiefs straight up. 

I dislike seeing the Packers not favoured by my spreadsheet because I want them to win the Super Bowl. 

Even though I am surprised the spreadsheet has the Bills to win, it's a result I would like to see just to shake things up a little bit. If it goes as the spreadsheet predicts, the current champions will not repeat the success of last year.

The totals are relatively close to the bookmakers' lines. With the Bills/Chiefs, it has projected a total of fifty-five points. That's a point more than the line of fifty-four.

It also has the other game to go over. This time with the game to go four points above the line of fifty-two. 

I don't plan on gambling on the totals, but MIGHT have a small punt on the Bills.

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