Friday, January 22, 2021

Winning On DFS Divisional Again

When I last wrote about daily fantasy American football, I mentioned that I had returned £8 after entering a team made up of players from Saturday's divisional round of games. I finished the post by stating that I was unsure whether I would select a team for the Sunday slate of fixtures.

Well - I did end up doing that. 

And I ended up winning.

I entered the regular £4.44 contest. After confirming the team, I noticed that there was a free competition available as well. I added the same players in there.

The money contest saw me return £12 with a score of 113.36 points. My team finished in 12,126th place out of 335,156 entries. 

My side closed in 113th position in the free contest, which saw 8,437 teams entered. For that, I was credited with an additional £2.50 to the £12 I won in the big money competition.

I withdrew most of my winnings back to my bank. I left £4.44 in the betting account because I am having a decent run of form at the moment. I may as well pick a side for the upcoming Conference Championship games.

Here's a breakdown of the points scored by my players:

DFS Sunday Divisional Round 2020 Season

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