Monday, August 17, 2020

Ticking Off A Mars Bar In Batter

I'm not going to flat out state that it has been on a bucket list, but - ever since I heard about their existence - I've always wanted to try a Mars Bar in batter.

The food item was invented in 1992 by John Davie at the Haven Chip Bar which is Stonehaven in Scotland. The chippy has since changed its name to 'The Carron', but still boasts to be 'the birthplace of the world famous deep fried Mars Bar'.

As noted in the open: ever since I first came across news articles about them, I wondered what it would be like to buy one from a chippy here in Wales.

Well, I finally found somewhere.

This past weekend, I was looking through the Just Eat website for local chip shops that sold Clark's Pies for one of my family members. During the search, I stumbled upon three four words I hadn't thought I'd ever see down here in Wales.

Mars. Bar. In. Batter.

The shop didn't sell the pie I was looking for, but I immediately went to Plan B because there was no way I was going to hold off any longer.

I was going to buy - and ultimately try - my first ever Mars Bar in Batter.

Mars Bar in Batter

I have to admit, I was quite disappointed when I first opened the polystyrene box it came in.

Yes, I know Mars Bars aren't the same size as they were back in the day. However, the one the chippy gave me was the snack version.

If I'm paying £2.50 for a deep fried Mars Bar, I should have a regular. No?

As for the taste - well, it was peculiar. The chocolate and caramel had obviously melted in the fryer so it was quite soggy. The nougat part kept it from being a complete mess to hold, however.

I can now tick it off my list. I have eaten a Mars Bar in batter from a chip shop.

Even though I didn't dislike it, I doubt I'd go out of my way to buy one again. With that said - I  might entertain the idea of doing my own. That way, I'll get to eat a regular sized version of the chocolate bar.

As for what's next on the 'Not a Bucket List List' - I've got something else in mind.....

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