Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hard Knocks 2020

I caught the first episode of the latest season of NFL Hard Knocks on Friday and found it to be even more intriguing than previous editions.

The series - which comes out around this time each year - highlights an American football franchise as it prepares for the upcoming season. In 2020, two teams are covered: The Chargers and Rams.

I surmise the reason why the two teams were picked for this year is because they're both moving into the newly-built SoFi Stadium.

The decision to focus on the two Los Angeles teams turned out to be a lucky fluke considering how there will be no pre-season games due to the Covid Pandemic and, as a result, will limit the 'storylines' that will play a part in the documentary

Covid was obviously a key story in the first episode. I have no doubt it'll be the focus of the entire season.

It was interesting to see all the safety measures the NFL has implemented to make sure things run smoothly. 

With that said, I still fear that something is going to happen that will result in games, and maybe even the season itself, being called off.

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